Tires & Wheels


Forklift wheels and tires for every leading make and model.

FORKLIFTS ETC is one of the largest suppliers of forklift tires and forklift wheels in the nation for forklifts and pallet trucks.


It's critical that you order the right tire - and we have the resources and the expertise to get the right wheel for your need. Just because a given wheel has the same durometer rating, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a proper replacement. Different compounds will make a significant difference in length of service. Here are some factors to consider:


  • Type of facility
  • Number of hours of operation per week
  • Range of weight for loads carried
  • Length of runs
  • Floor conditions
  • Temperature (freezer applications require special considerations)


Work with us, and we'll make sure you get the right materials.


Polyurethane Drive Tires, Steer Tires and Load Wheels

FORKLIFTS ETC carries a comprehensive inventory plus overnight availability direct from OE manufacturers.


Rubber Press-On Tires

Rubber is the answer for enhanced traction and smooth ride. We carry all sizes and compounds.


Custom Tires

FORKLIFTS ETC offers specialty compounds at affordable price points. For example, we carry walnut-impregnated tires for freezer applications and wire and fiberglass impregnated tires for heavy loads.


Installation Service

We have both an in-house press and a mobile press (running from 8AM to 4:30PM every weekday) for timely and expert wheel installation.



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