New and remanufactured AC and DC electric motors.

FORKLIFTS ETC brings over 25 years of expertience in building quality, certified motors for all electric material handling equipment, and we have a broad inventory of ready-to-ship forklift motors and golf cart motors.


BUILT FOR LASTING PERFORMANCE: All motors are warranted for 2,000 hours or 12 months (whichever comes first).




End Heads- are inspected for wear and OE tolerances. Any that do not meet spec are replaced

Brushes-all are replaced with OE quality or higher

Armatures-all are tested for ground and shorts, commutators are measured for wear. All are either turned and undercut or replaced as required

All bearings are replaced with specific quality product that exceeds requirements

All field coils are tested. Those that meet our specifications are wrapped as required, dipped and baked to insure performance. Insulators, hardware, brush holders and all other parts are inspected and replaced as necessary


Gas, LPG and diesel engines.

FORKLIFTS ETC provides parts for repair or rebuilding - or complete engines for replacement.


If you need a forklift motor or golf cart motor, we can handle your need. DC motor? Call or email us!



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